Chesapeake District Mtg.

Members of the the newly consolidated chapters of the Maryland Federation of Women’s Clubs, Inc. (MFWC), met at the Linthicum Heights clubhouse in early June for a meeting and luncheon.  The thirteen (13) former clubs of the Southern, Eastern Shore and Baltimore districts have merged into one group: the Chesapeake District.

We are delighted that that our own STC member Janet Morgan is president of this organization.  STC President Sheryn Blocher and members Jeannine Dufrene and Cathy Simon attended the special session to support Janet and to kick off the start of this new group.  We very much enjoyed meeting and talking with some engaging and dynamic women from the other clubs.  Jeannine, who was previously a member of the Glydon club, had a chance to reconnect with some of her former clubmates.

The meeting was attended by several MWFC officers including the new state President, Dottie Gregg and the outgoing president, Reno Eitel.  The new Chesapeake District officers were installed by President Gregg and the club presidents were introduced with their attending members.

Sheryn - Jeannine 2
Sheryn Blocher & Jeannine Dufrene



Installation of Chesapeake District officers. MFWC pres. Dottie Gregg on the far left.  Janet Morgan is 2nd from the left.

After enjoying a delicious lunch prepared by the Linthicum Heights members, President Janet Morgan presided over the business meeting.  Changes to the proposed Bylaws were discussed, voted on and approved.  Members were given a handout listing the status of District committee appointments, noting that there are stiill several vacancies.  Janet then concluded the meeting by announcing dates for upcoming events.

Upcoming MFWC Events:

Aug. 18:    Summer Workshop:  Chevy Chase Clubhouse

Sept 18:    State Board of Directors Meeting:   Bowie Comfort Inn Conference Center