The Club officers serve for two years, are elected in the even-numbered years at the annual meeting, and begin their terms at the installation ceremony in May . They are eligible to serve two consecutive terms.



President:                                                Janet V Morgan

1st Vice President:                                 Sheryn Blocher

2nd Vice President                                 Mary Milan

Recording Secretary:                              Paula Bartlett

Corresponding Secretary:                      Lucy Kay Weaver

Treasurers:                                                Janet Morgan and Bonnie Mulieri

Parliamentarian:                                      None

Department Chairs:

Dean of Chairs:                                      Sheryn Blocher

Arts:                                                         Anne Lancaster and Sandy Murray

Conservation                                          TBD

Education:                                              Carolann Marone

Home Life                                                TBD

International Outreach:                        TBD

Public Issues:                                          Phyllis Peters

Standing Committee Chairs:

Chaplain:                                                 Julia Fegley

Finance:                                                   Joann Kidwell

Ann Moynihan, STC member

Eileen Stisitis, STC Member

Bonnie Mulieri, Treasurer
Janet Morgan, Bookkeeper

Membership:                                        Rose Brice and Carol Cockey

Publicity:                                               Linda McCarthy

Youth Art:                                             Anne Lancaster and Sandy Murray

Special Committees

Arden House:                                        Phyllis Peters

Audit:                                                      Appointed Accountant

Hospitality:                                            Ann Moynihan

Newsletter:                                             Stacey Johnson

Historian:                                                Ann Moynihan

Executive Committee

Elected Officers

Board of Directors:

Officers, Department Chairs, Standing Committee Chairs and Special Committee Chairs

General Federation of Women’s Clubs

President:             Babs Condon       

Maryland Federation of Women’s Clubs

President:             Reno Eitel             

Southern District, Maryland Federation of Women’s Clubs

President:              Beverly Death